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Market America is an internet marketing and product brokerage company which distributes an array of services to the international market. The company was first established by Loren and JR Ridinger in 1992. The company operates with an excess of 650 employees and has its headquarters at Greensboro, North Carolina. Market America UnFranchise deals with a variety of household products that include jewelry, auto care, dietary supplements, personal care products, weight management products, and cosmetics among others.

The company runs in collaboration with other affiliate companies through its special website, which was acquired from Bill Gates the founder at Microsoft. Market America opened its international operation to various countries such as Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Philippines. The company also expanded its operation in 2012 to the United Kingdom and Mexico. Market America later explored other countries such as Malaysia and Singapore.

In 2008, Market America partnered with iMirus to produce and supply digital and print versions of catalogues, books, and MA Newsstand among others. Market America acquired, a shopping comparison firm at a confidential amount in 2010. This acquisition shifted the company’s domain from to the latter. This acquisition was primarily for opening up the cashback program that the company launched earlier in 2008.

Market America offers diversity of product categories that include nutrition and health, Pet care, automotive care, personal care, home and garden care, and cosmetics among others. The company equally offers internet marketing services for all categories of businesses. The company’s health and nutrition supplements were first introduced in 1993 and includes over 20 products. The company later introduced a weight management program in 2004. Market America exclusively markets products manufactured by other firms. It is crucial to note that the company does not produce products of its own. Market America earns through sales commission and new sales member recruitment.