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What George Soros Thinks About European Politics

The Rise Of The Right

It’s impossible to turn on any television and not see the countless stories about the recent resurgence that the Right has seen. After Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, two events that were expected to fail, nobody is ruling out any possibility. Hedge fund manager George Soros is especially afraid of what this might mean as nativism and populism combine to give many people a heightened xenophobic reaction to what they see happening around them. He believes it is absolutely important that the Left find a way to counter this before it becomes something too serious and we see the results of it turn into totalitarianism. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

The Coming Storm Across Europe

The success of Donald Trump and Brexit has led many on the Right to believe that a full blown revival across Europe is likely to happen. This worries George Soros as he has seen what authoritarian movements can do given his childhood experiences with Nazi era Hungary. Liberals must do everything they can to stop this, but to do that they must understand why this movement even merged in the first place. Globalization has produced many positive results for the wealthy in the first world and for the poor in the developing world, but those results have no translated into something that the middle class of the West can enjoy. Finding a way to convince them globalism works for them is of utmost importance to George Soros.

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How George Soros Plans To Prepare

He believes the only way to prepare for the possible rise of the authoritarian Right is to do just about everything possible to make sure that they are not able to get their message across. He wants people to understand the Left actually has a better long term plan for them and redistribution of wealth.

How He Thinks We Should Move Forward

The key to the success of the Left going forward is to do everything to make sure that the working class and the middle class understand they are going to benefit from open societies and globalization in the long run. There is so much at stake and the destruction of free trade or global identity is not something he believes should be allowed to happen at all.

About George Soros

George Soros has spent decades of his life at the forefront of the hedge fund industry and he has done just about everything he can to make sure that the world improves along with his wealth. Regardless of how you think of him, he has made the world a much better place for just about everyone in it. Read more on .