Omar Yunes, an up-and-coming Minority Entrepreneur!

If there is anything to know about Omar Yunes, it is the fact he is an individual who lives by the old adage “You get out what you put in.” Yunes has mastered the art of venture capital and private equity. He realizes the importance of quality, and he demands nothing less than the best from his franchisee interests in the Japanese restaurant chain Sushi Itto.

Yunes became majority owner of 13 units of the restaurant chain at age 21 and now supervises over 400 employees. He also has demonstrated an ability for amazing leadership, as demonstrated by his recent award at the “Best Franchisee in the World” conference in Florence, Italy.

After Yunes received the award, he displayed his natural humility. He said he was just a represent of his 400 employees and a brand that has allowed him and his employees a fully free reign to innovate as they see fit. Yunes’ award winning leadership did not come easy in the least.

The 2015 BFW award was attended by representatives from companies in countries such as Portugal, Hungary, Brazil, France, Italy, Argentina and Mexico. In order to win the award, the franchisee is evaluated not based on the company alone but on their effect on the network. It was in this regard that Yunes was able to pull ahead.

After the judges evaluated him on knowledge, company savings, and employee motivation there were already a number of individuals ready to give Omar Yunes the top prize. However, what sealed the deal was his ability to solidly organize at the invoice and improvements level as well.

Because of all this, there is absolutely no question that Yunes and the rest of his employees at his 13 locations have earned this award. His solid leadership has produced employees with grit, determination and stellar customer service skills. Thus, there is no question that Yunes is a name we will be hearing much more of in the future.