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Todd Lubar: Real Estate Philanthropist

Some entrepreneurial stories are more inspiring than others. The story of Todd Lubar’s success across many industries is one of the most inspiring. Many were shocked by his natural ability to shift from one industry to another with very little effort. Today, he owns numerous companies in numerous industries.

Todd Lubar’s career began immediately following his graduation from Syracuse University. He got a job as a loan originator for Crestar Mortgage Corporation, see He worked harder than most to understand conservative mortgage banking, an experience he found invaluable. He worked at Crestar for the next four years before moving to Arlington, Texas and taking a job at Legacy Financial Group.

When he got to Legacy Financial, he continued his work with mortgage banking, but Legacy offered more opportunities to expand his lending capabilities. He continued working for Legacy until 2005 when he accepted a Senior VP position at Charter Funding.

After leaving Legacy Financial, he took some time to himself and started Legendary Properties, a small real estate company. This was his first step toward entrepreneurial independence. It wasn’t long after Legendary Properties that he expanded into other industries; including the demolition and recycling business. Eventually, he rejoined the finance and credit industry as part of TDL Ventures.

His role at TDL Ventures is working closely with people who have trouble getting loans through traditional avenues. According to, over his 20-year career in finance and credit, he noticed a huge underserved market opportunity. Most people don’t have the knowledge of resources to overcome all the barriers preventing them from getting much-needed loans.

To resolve that issue, Lubar first tried to remove all the obstacles these people face. When that failed, he realized he needed to create a new program with a new product that Baltimore natives could use directly. What he created is called RELIEF.

Todd Lubar’s passion for helping people is nothing new. He’s wanted to help people since he was a young man. Finally opening a business that does that directly makes him prouder than any of his other companies.