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Jim Hunt: One Of The UK’s Most Unusual Financial Gurus

Jim Hunt is interviewed with various news sources from time to time when asked about finance and budgeting issues on Twitter. He’s an investor who has his own way of making trades and is a fairly private individual when it comes to the spotlight. He’s known to be studious and values research into investing trends and various markets. His primary reason for running VTA Publications is to help the “little guy” or average middle class person beat the millionaires and billionaires through making their own trades and having the information needed to navigate turbulent financial times. He has various habits and quirks he uses to generate ideas, so Ideamensch decided to interview him to find out about those ideas.

Hunt told Ideamensch that he likes to start his day out working out and then hit the ground running with trading and making his financial moves at the opening of the day. He gets most of his new ideas from hearing his followers make requests and then later letting those ideas materialize after relaxing later in the day. For Hunt $100 is best spent when it gains access to financial research subscriptions and high tech publications on Hunt mentioned that running affiliate marketing programs and data management such as Infusionsoft and Aweber are good ways to get started with independent business ventures.

Jim Hunt started VTA Publications several years ago to make information available about stock trading and financial budgeting and planning. Along with a team of authors and experts, Hunt has put a comprehensive set of distance learning courses available in different formats and ready to ship to anywhere in the world. One of their key courses is retirement planning taken from passages in the bible. You can also learn how to use stock charts and execute trades through VTA Publications if you’re new to investing and when you order the special DVD set you’ll learn business information provided by various experts from around the world. You can also follow Jim Hunt’s projects “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire” at the VTA Publications website or by visiting his YouTube channel and see how simple trade moves could be the key to wealth.