A Look At The Companies That Tobias Jaeger Has Founded

Tobias Jaeger is a successful businessman who lives in Berlin, Germany. He is the managing partner of Axiom Venture Capital which is a venture capital company. The specialty of his company is investing in new companies in their early or seed stages. The types of companies they invest in are media companies that create entertainment content. He is a graduate of both Texas A&M University as well as Maastricht University and holds a degree in international business.

Over the course of his professional career, Tobias Jaeger has been on four continents and 43 countries. He founded his first company in 2007. This company, Business Associates Europe, offered strategy consulting services to other companies. He combined consultants together with university students in order to offer companies these services.

Tobias Jaeger’s next company was one that was part of the electronic gaming industry. He partnered with one of the best Poker players in Europe in order to create StrategosPoker. This taught people who are familiar with Poker ways to elevate their game through an online website. By developing these skills people could take their level of gameplay to a level where they could take playing the game into a way that generated income for them.

It was in 2012 that Tobias Jaeger first entered the media industry. He was instrumental in creating a documentary as well as a conference that was focused on the use of new technology in order to create a way to feed people around the world. Both the documentary and conference were created in order to support “Thought for Food” which is a Swiss initiative focused on the food industry and how it can help people.

One of the business concepts that Tobias Jaeger uses is the idea that every decision should have an evidence-based reason behind it. He has said that he doesn’t think with his gut but rather his head. He likes to conduct an expert interview with others in order to learn things about each field he wants to get involved in. He says he also qualifies each of his ideas for businesses which has helped him avoid starting new businesses that, while the idea sounded good, in practice it’s a product or service that nobody actually wants to pay for.


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