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Roberto Santiago Provides Customers with the Best Experience Possible

When trying to establish a business or a spot, it is important to think about what is going to be given to people who are going to visit that spot. When people are visiting a place, they are going to be thinking about what they are going to get out of it, especially when there are similar establishments. For instance, when people visit a shopping mall, they are going to be wondering why they should visit this particular mall instead of the other mall. For instance, a person who lives closer to another mall is going to need something in order to be won over to a different mall that is a bit further away.


Roberto Santiago has shown a lot of consideration for this challenge. This is one of the reasons that he has taken the time to bring out all of the best qualities of Manaira Shopping. This particular mall offers more than just a larger size for customers. There is a lot of other unique aspects of Manaira Shopping that people are not going to find at regular malls. For one thing, the mall is so huge that it is going to need to provide something unique for the customers to check out. It would make no sense to have copies of the same store in one mall.


Given the huge size of the mall, this leaves room for different companies that offer different types of products that can bring forth something new. There can be fashion stores that carry completely different types of clothes and products that will not be found in other stores. People can actually explore and find something that can bring out a side to them that is fun and otherworldly like Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping mall


People that are looking for a really fun and entertaining experience can enjoy themselves at Manaira Shopping. The security at the mall makes it a very safe spot to visit. Also, there are plenty of lounges for people who want to meet up and enjoy each other’s company. Many people take a trip over to Manaira Shopping and come out renewed.


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The Excellent Leadership of Mr. Rick Shinto Propels InnovaCare to the Top as a Health Provider

One of the leading givers of advanced health care known as InnovaCare owes its exemplary performance to the work of Rick Shinto who has consistently proved that he is a capable leader. Presently, the health provider tops the list of the most efficient givers of advanced services for health. The facility has a reputation for using current technological innovations to serve its clients. Mr. Shinto who is the Chief Executive Officer of the company has done a lot to ensure that the institution enjoys rapid progress, and now it is the leading privately operated health facility in Puerto Rico that commands full recognition due to the high quality of the services it provides. Learn more about Rick on XRepublic.

The care agency employs systems of technology that makes it possible for hundreds of ordinary people to gain access to first class care services. In various other organizations where he has previously worked, Mr. Rick Shinto has always displayed insightful quality of leadership, and high levels of competence in managing different departments. He is genuinely devoted to helping every customer, and his administrative policies focus on transparency and diligence in financial management. Even when he was the COO of Pathways Medical Management Company, he ensured that all the departments were profitable operating. He has also held other high-ranking positions in Aveta Inc., where he was the Chief Executive Officer, and in California, he was the Chief Medical Officer and chief administrator of Cal Optima Health Plan. In all the medical fields where he has served, all the organizations for which he has worked have shown extraordinary achievements due to his perception and competence.

His rise to the top started when he was the chief pulmonologist in a great clinic in southern California. The good work he did there enable him to be recognized by various other organizations which soon employed him. He has been a motivational force too many people, and a source of great inspiration to the teams he has worked with. At InnovaCare, Mr. Rick Shinto is credited with spotting opportunities that have been converted to successes. The development of InnovaCare can be attributed to the excellent academic credentials he has so far achieved in the medical industry. Beginning with a B.S he obtained from the University of California; he also has an MBA which he acquired from Redlands University and another degree of the same category from New York University. He holds the Ernst & Young Award for the Entrepreneur of the year. Read this article at

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Jim Tananbaum’s Unique Entrepreneurial Path in the Health Care Sector of the United States

Jim Tananbaum started a unique business that caters to the health of patients by improving the kind of services they receive. Foresite Capital identifies and backs rising and promising innovators in health care by providing networks, funds, and information. Presently, the firm’s biggest investment involves supporting diabetes patients manage their condition and lose weight through the solutions offered by Intarcia. Intarcia’s products are speculated to have an effect equal in power to the IUDs which are famous for birth control. Jim stated that the launch of the product would help the recovery of millions among the 350 million people diagnosed with diabetes across the globe. Visit Forbes to know more.

Jim has built an empire business by relying on the expertise and knowledge of intelligent and experienced leaders in health care. Additionally, he spends most of his time updating his knowledge on emerging technologies in medicine. Jim revealed that he has a passion for learning new things which always puts him ahead of the curve. He acquired an engineering and computer science major from the University of Yale, an MD and an MBA from Harvard University, and an MS from MIT. He has an innate curiosity about the connection between health care and computer science and inclined his career in the niche. Jim Tananbaum has seasoned mentors and collaborators who have seen him through his journeys, such as Rick Levin of Yale, George Whitesides of Harvard, Rick Klausner of NCI, Gunderson Detmer, and Roy Vagelos. In collaboration with these academicians and entrepreneurs, Jim has the vision to revolutionize health care by developing fast and efficient innovations to replace the predecessors or begin operating a new field of medicine. You can visit Ideamensch to know more.

Jim’s journey in innovation was not a smooth ride from conception. In 2009, he had the opportunity of investing in a couple of promising health care companies but was not able to because of partners who did not have permission to disperse funds. In 2010, Jim excluded himself from the firm in hopes of raising enough cash to invest. Unfortunately, 99 percent of his prospective targets turned down his first attempts. Jim’s persistence and vision have enabled him to find opportunities in 77 healthcare firms including leaders such as Aeri Pharmaceuticals, 10X, Sequenta, Nanostring, Intellia, Muse Bio, Editas, HealthyVerity, and Mindstrong.

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