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Roberto Santiago Provides Customers with the Best Experience Possible

When trying to establish a business or a spot, it is important to think about what is going to be given to people who are going to visit that spot. When people are visiting a place, they are going to be thinking about what they are going to get out of it, especially when there are similar establishments. For instance, when people visit a shopping mall, they are going to be wondering why they should visit this particular mall instead of the other mall. For instance, a person who lives closer to another mall is going to need something in order to be won over to a different mall that is a bit further away.


Roberto Santiago has shown a lot of consideration for this challenge. This is one of the reasons that he has taken the time to bring out all of the best qualities of Manaira Shopping. This particular mall offers more than just a larger size for customers. There is a lot of other unique aspects of Manaira Shopping that people are not going to find at regular malls. For one thing, the mall is so huge that it is going to need to provide something unique for the customers to check out. It would make no sense to have copies of the same store in one mall.


Given the huge size of the mall, this leaves room for different companies that offer different types of products that can bring forth something new. There can be fashion stores that carry completely different types of clothes and products that will not be found in other stores. People can actually explore and find something that can bring out a side to them that is fun and otherworldly like Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping mall


People that are looking for a really fun and entertaining experience can enjoy themselves at Manaira Shopping. The security at the mall makes it a very safe spot to visit. Also, there are plenty of lounges for people who want to meet up and enjoy each other’s company. Many people take a trip over to Manaira Shopping and come out renewed.


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Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall -the Epitome of Elegance

Shopping experience is always a fun packed activity. Now, thanks to technology, people are always attracted to beauty and elegance before anything. Roberto Santiago, a well-established Brazilian businessman, understands this fact. It is for this reason that the executive launched a shopping mall in Joao Pessoa that is nothing short of excellence.

The Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has a perfect touch of Roberto Santiago. The business executive designed the mall by himself to guarantee customer satisfaction. The mall was constructed around the North Coast city of João Pessoa thereby providing shoppers with perfect sceneries of the sea. With 280 stores in it, the mall seats at a vast land of 75 thousand m². In addition to the beautiful outside environment, the Manaira Shopping Mall offers shoppers and investors a perfect opportunity to buy and sell goods. During the official launch, the mall was filled with at least three hundred thousand potential shoppers. Arguably, on opening day, the stores recorded at least five times higher profits compared to other malls around the area. The Mall offers an extensive range of products thus making it a one stop shop for every shopper. Read more articles on

Another characteristic feature and arguably the striking point for most people is the fun potential of Roberto Santiago’s Mall. The Manaira Shopping Mall is widely acclaimed for its state of the art entertainment facility that guarantees fun and comfort for the whole family. Some of the common features around include; movie theaters, bowling alleys, electronic amusement parks, and ballrooms. When it comes to the cinema facility, it comprises of eleven rooms with amazing ultramodern equipment. Note, the theater facility has VIP spaces, 3D facilities, and it is arranged with a stadium concept. The mall also has conferencing facilities that can cater for the modern day need of any organization. When it comes to the type of food being offered, there are plenty of food courts enough to satisfy everybody’s craving.

About Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago has established his name as one of the greatest Brazilian investors of our times. The proud owner of the elegant Manaira Shopping Mall is a Brazilian native, born and raised in Joao Pessoa. Robert is an alumnus of the University Center of Joao Pessoa where he pursued a degree in Business Administration.

Career wise, Robert started working at Café Santa Rosa before venturing on his own businesses. In addition to owning the Manaira Shopping Mall, Robert also owns the Mangeira Shopping Mall, one of the largest malls in the city. The entrepreneur enjoys sports including motor cross and Kart and has some trophies to show his excellence in the sports.

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