Brian Bonar: A Paragon of Executive Leadership

The name Brian Bonar pops up always when one talks about accomplished finance executives and business leaders. Brian is an exceptional and admired executive who has achieved success and reputation in a short time.

As the Chairman and CEO, he heads Trucept, Inc, a successful business firm. After working with it for a long time, now he also is the CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Brian Bonar’s success in the financial handling of business is supported by his impressive educational and technical background.

Joining the enviable Ivy League, Brian Bonar studied Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University and received a master’s degree in it. Brian’s impressive technical credentials played a pivotal role in his ascent to one of the most successful executives in the country.

Brian has an illustrious professional career during which he worked with various famous companies. It was not less than a milestone to land a job in IBM, one of the top technology companies in the world. Starting a job as a procurement manager, he ascended the ladder of success swiftly to become the Director of Engineering at IBM in a short time.

There were more than hundred employees who directly under his management. He then worked as Sales Manager at Adaptec. After gaining an extensive professional experience, he went on to found his company, which he named Bezier Systems.

Before starting his excellent career at Dalrada Financial Services, he had also worked at a small number of companies. His job at Dalrada Financial Services has come to add lasting impact on Brian’s professional career. He is the man behind the successful financial strategies and innovation at Dalrada Financial Corporation.

As the company’s chairman and CEO, he has implemented several groundbreaking programs aimed at company development. The chief among his innovative programs was the one related to recruitment of employees and benefits of employers.

The company greatly benefited from these programs in the form of a loyal core of employees with professional attributes. Seeing the productivity of these programs given by Brian, the Dalrada Financial Company integrated these to its other business as well.

In addition to these achievements, Brian’s career is also adorned by his position as Chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services and President of Allegiant Professional Business Service. His financial skills make him a desirable choice for other companies, and he has continuously been serving companies beyond the ones he heads.

Besides extensive experience in managing financial companies, he also holds a Ph.D., a task he completed while remaining entangled in his professional responsibilities.

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