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Shiraz Boghani Awarded

Mr. Shiraz Boghani works as the chairman of an institution known as Splendid Hospitality Group. The businessman has been working in this position for a while now, and he has done his best to make sure that his company remains on top. Just recently, the businessman was honored by the prestigious Asian Business Awards because of his accomplishments.

According to the company, Shiraz was given the Hotelier of Year award. The businessman has been in the hospitality department for more than three decades. According to his portfolio, the businessman currently manages and also owns more than nineteen trading hotels in the United Kingdom. People also know him as an experienced and dynamic entrepreneur and chartered accountant who has a great passion for the hotel industry.

After serving in the competitive department for a while, Mr. Boghani is believed to be the first individuals who managed to introduce the limited service branded hotels in the United Kingdom. His first hotel was introduced in London in the 1990’s, and it did very well under his leadership according to Just recently, the businessman shocked the world when he managed to launch a very luxurious hotel known as Hilton London Bankside. The institution is found in the vibrant Bankside area in London, and it is expected to attract clients from all over the world. The businessman has several other flagship hotels that are found in other areas in the country.

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A part from being a very prominent hotelier in the United Kingdom, Mr. Boghani is believed to be a major supporter of the popular Aga Khan Foundation. The charity is one of the most influential in the United Kingdom, and it supports needy causes in many parts of the world. Most of the funds given to the institutions are spread to various parts of the globe so that they can make a great impact in the lives of many people in the world.

While receiving the prestigious award, Shiraz Boghani told the public that he was very excited and at the same time thrilled. According to him, getting the honor is not a walk in the park. However, the businessman believes that he has been doing well because of the support he has been getting from friends and his family. His employees have also offered him the support needed so that he could expand. The businessman is looking for more opportunities to expand and introduce more hotels in the country and other parts of the globe.

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