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Roberto Santiago Provides Customers with the Best Experience Possible

When trying to establish a business or a spot, it is important to think about what is going to be given to people who are going to visit that spot. When people are visiting a place, they are going to be thinking about what they are going to get out of it, especially when there are similar establishments. For instance, when people visit a shopping mall, they are going to be wondering why they should visit this particular mall instead of the other mall. For instance, a person who lives closer to another mall is going to need something in order to be won over to a different mall that is a bit further away.


Roberto Santiago has shown a lot of consideration for this challenge. This is one of the reasons that he has taken the time to bring out all of the best qualities of Manaira Shopping. This particular mall offers more than just a larger size for customers. There is a lot of other unique aspects of Manaira Shopping that people are not going to find at regular malls. For one thing, the mall is so huge that it is going to need to provide something unique for the customers to check out. It would make no sense to have copies of the same store in one mall.


Given the huge size of the mall, this leaves room for different companies that offer different types of products that can bring forth something new. There can be fashion stores that carry completely different types of clothes and products that will not be found in other stores. People can actually explore and find something that can bring out a side to them that is fun and otherworldly like Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping mall


People that are looking for a really fun and entertaining experience can enjoy themselves at Manaira Shopping. The security at the mall makes it a very safe spot to visit. Also, there are plenty of lounges for people who want to meet up and enjoy each other’s company. Many people take a trip over to Manaira Shopping and come out renewed.


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Todd Lubar: Real Estate Philanthropist

Some entrepreneurial stories are more inspiring than others. The story of Todd Lubar’s success across many industries is one of the most inspiring. Many were shocked by his natural ability to shift from one industry to another with very little effort. Today, he owns numerous companies in numerous industries.

Todd Lubar’s career began immediately following his graduation from Syracuse University. He got a job as a loan originator for Crestar Mortgage Corporation, see He worked harder than most to understand conservative mortgage banking, an experience he found invaluable. He worked at Crestar for the next four years before moving to Arlington, Texas and taking a job at Legacy Financial Group.

When he got to Legacy Financial, he continued his work with mortgage banking, but Legacy offered more opportunities to expand his lending capabilities. He continued working for Legacy until 2005 when he accepted a Senior VP position at Charter Funding.

After leaving Legacy Financial, he took some time to himself and started Legendary Properties, a small real estate company. This was his first step toward entrepreneurial independence. It wasn’t long after Legendary Properties that he expanded into other industries; including the demolition and recycling business. Eventually, he rejoined the finance and credit industry as part of TDL Ventures.

His role at TDL Ventures is working closely with people who have trouble getting loans through traditional avenues. According to, over his 20-year career in finance and credit, he noticed a huge underserved market opportunity. Most people don’t have the knowledge of resources to overcome all the barriers preventing them from getting much-needed loans.

To resolve that issue, Lubar first tried to remove all the obstacles these people face. When that failed, he realized he needed to create a new program with a new product that Baltimore natives could use directly. What he created is called RELIEF.

Todd Lubar’s passion for helping people is nothing new. He’s wanted to help people since he was a young man. Finally opening a business that does that directly makes him prouder than any of his other companies.

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Igor Cornelsen’s Breakdown of The Brazilian Banking Industry

According to Brazilian banking expert, Igor Cornelsen, there are two main things that keep Brazilian banks profitable during turbulent times. First, is what they have learned from previous experiences. Second, is their extensive knowledge of the market.


At the end of 2014 Brazilian banks stunned the banking world by finishing on top. During a year of no economic growth, two of the country’s biggest private banks managed to increase their profits. The two banks, Itau Unibanco and Banco Bradesco’s profits in the third quarter rose by 36% and 28% respectively. Their shares also increased by over a third.

How did they do it?

Brazilian bankers, in light of poor economic conditions, only lent to the most credit-worthy clients. This reduced costs for the banks and is one of the ways in which they were able to make profits despite their circumstances. Read more: Adicione uma descrição a este tópico

This tactic also made banks feel secure about their future. Those individuals who did not have attractive credit portfolios had to choose other sources of credit such as public banks. Alternatively, they also opted to spend cash or give up on their business prospects altogether. This was tricky in the poor economic environment as it would make the economic conditions worse.

Igor Cornelsen’s Basics on Brazilian Banking

There are 10 major banks in Brazil

Brazil’s has ten major privately and state-owned banks which support the largest economy in South America. It is also the 8th largest economy in the world.

A new appointment to the finance docket

While the previous fiscal policy was a disaster, a newcomer to the docket might turn things around.

Focus on China

China and Brazil are linked as a result of their strong trade partnership. Ironically, they are also major competitors in the export of industrial goods.

An overvalued currency

The competitiveness of Brazil’s exports has been made worse by the country’s overvalued currency. The new administration is expected to change things for the better to increase investment.

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A Look At The Companies That Tobias Jaeger Has Founded

Tobias Jaeger is a successful businessman who lives in Berlin, Germany. He is the managing partner of Axiom Venture Capital which is a venture capital company. The specialty of his company is investing in new companies in their early or seed stages. The types of companies they invest in are media companies that create entertainment content. He is a graduate of both Texas A&M University as well as Maastricht University and holds a degree in international business.

Over the course of his professional career, Tobias Jaeger has been on four continents and 43 countries. He founded his first company in 2007. This company, Business Associates Europe, offered strategy consulting services to other companies. He combined consultants together with university students in order to offer companies these services.

Tobias Jaeger’s next company was one that was part of the electronic gaming industry. He partnered with one of the best Poker players in Europe in order to create StrategosPoker. This taught people who are familiar with Poker ways to elevate their game through an online website. By developing these skills people could take their level of gameplay to a level where they could take playing the game into a way that generated income for them.

It was in 2012 that Tobias Jaeger first entered the media industry. He was instrumental in creating a documentary as well as a conference that was focused on the use of new technology in order to create a way to feed people around the world. Both the documentary and conference were created in order to support “Thought for Food” which is a Swiss initiative focused on the food industry and how it can help people.

One of the business concepts that Tobias Jaeger uses is the idea that every decision should have an evidence-based reason behind it. He has said that he doesn’t think with his gut but rather his head. He likes to conduct an expert interview with others in order to learn things about each field he wants to get involved in. He says he also qualifies each of his ideas for businesses which has helped him avoid starting new businesses that, while the idea sounded good, in practice it’s a product or service that nobody actually wants to pay for.


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UK-Israeli Trade Volume Doubled During the Reign of Ambassador Daniel Taub

Daniel Taub is a former Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom (2011 – 2015). During this period the trade volume between Israeli and the UK doubled.

In a statement released by the Israeli Embassy, Ambassador Taub’s four-year tenure had seen trade between the two nations double as well as the deepening of cultural links, academic and business links in the two states.

Golden Era

Sajid David, the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills in Britain confirmed that the trade happening between the UK and Israeli was in its “golden era”. He spoke during the British Israeli Business Awards. This great network has seen more than 300 Israeli businesses setup shop in the United Kingdom. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

The Israeli-Britain Chamber of Commerce has an annual bilateral trade that exceeds $5.5 billion. Javid predicted that this figure could be around $7 billion. Ambassador Taub, made a trip to the Northern Ireland, together with a Palestinian counterpart who was a peace negotiator like him. They made the trip mainly to see the situation down there for themselves.

Concern over the Atmosphere in College Campuses

Before the largest student union in Britain voted in favor of boycotting Israel, Taub was deeply concerned on the prevailing atmosphere in a number of college campuses. He revealed this during an interview he did in 2012 with the Jewish Chronicle.

Daniel Taub warned that college administrators should be on the lookout in order to ensure that all views including those that supported Israel could be expressed in a free manner without any intimidation whatsoever. In 2014, Daniel Taub visited Bradford in a defiant move after George Galloway, the city’s parliament representative had declared it an “Israel-free zone”.

About Daniel Taub

Ambassador Daniel Taub was born in 1962 in Great Britain. He received his higher education from the University College (Oxford), London’s University College as well as the Kennedy School of Government in Harvard University. He then relocated back to Israel in the year 1989 and offered his services to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as a reserve officer and combat medic.

In 1991, he commenced working for the Foreign Ministry of Israel and has being holding a number of diplomatic and legal posts for a number of years. In 2011, Daniel Taub was chosen to become the Israel Ambassador to the UK.

His appointment was met with a number of objections largely because the Foreign Ministry union viewed him as too young for the office. His colleagues praised his appointment terming it as a worthy and inspired choice.

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Marketing tips with Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal feels that the greatest risk in digital marketing is not taking a risk at all. She mentions that media markets and internet advertising has been made possible by going beyond the boundaries in an effort to provide customers with the best experience. For business owners, things have changed a lot, and they can make use of emerging technologies. For instance, GPS-targeted marketing is possible nowadays. At the same time, companies can make use of compelling visual imaging as well as customized advertising to ensure that they benefit from internet users at both phone and desktop level. Guerrilla advertising has also been replaced by the competition that is being experienced in the digital arena. With social media advertising, print advertising and even websites, costumed promoters have become even more innovative. Crispin Porter+ Bogusky is an American firm that specializes in digital marketing. At the moment, the business is headed by Lori Senecal who is the chief executive. Lori Senecal holds years of experience in marketing. Lori Senecal has managed to establish herself by focusing on top talent, keeping an eye on details and ingenuity.

To ensure that their customers remain competitive, the company has embarked on a number of tactics in advertising. For instance from Ad Age, they emphasize on social media channels, compulsive rule breaking as well as coders and technologists to come up with the best marketing strategies. Through these years, Lori Senecal has emphasized on a mission that has three key things. First, she ensures that her campaign reaches her targeted audience. Lori then ensures that the campaign delivers the intended message through a channel that the audience understands. Finally, Lori Senecal ensures that she has inspired her audience to take the needed action and desire to know more about the products.

Lori Senecal says that there are some few tips that can make you successful in the marketing arena. For instance, ensuring that you generate emotional responses is very crucial. Also, ensure that you use humor in your campaigns. As a digital marketer, also ensure that you recognize the role of women in marketing and most importantly, analyze your data.

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Securus Technologies Has Been Instrumental In Preventing Crime

There are many businesses who focus on criminal justice but I firmly believe Securus Technologies is the finest among them. There have been so many comments published online or customers who sent emails not because they wanted to complain but because they had received exceptional service and were impressed with the way Securus has used technology to fight crime. I suppose I was impressed because in today’s society this is unfortunately no longer a common occurrence.


I took the time to read all of the comments from the officials at the prisons and it quickly became obvious that due to Securus Technologies prisons were becoming safer than they once were. I read emails from law enforcement agents who spoke of new products the company had developed that had become invaluable in a short period of time. I agree with the most common opinion that the safety of society is on the rise due to their efforts. The technology of Securus was directly responsible for corrupt staff members being caught and charged and the use of alcohol and drugs by inmates being discovered and stopped. Although I do not always understand the specifics of the technology they use I know it is working and I must admit I sleep a little better with this knowledge.


I was particularly impressed with one email in which Securus was able to hear a conversation between two siblings. The sibling who was a good citizen and had never been in any kind of trouble was being coerced into being told what to say about a shooting. Of course the truth came out after this but I have to wonder if this would have been the case if not for Securus Technologies. I believe it would have ended differently and justice would not have been served. I am just grateful Securus Technologies is there and that they really care.


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UKV PLC- Your Number One Wine Consultant Company

UKV PLC the company

United Kingdom Vintners PLC is a dedicated wine consultant company that provides various wine and champagne options for all its customers’ needs. It sells its wines to those who find pleasure in drinking wine and others who would want to develop private cellars or fine wine collections for future sale.

The company also acquires supplies and sells bonded wine and champagne on behalf of its private and trade clients. Their supply is in terms of consumption and investments purposes. For those who want to sell wine or champagne under them, they offer a brokerage service.

The company is made up of a dedicated team of experienced wine consultants who offer excellent customer service. They can guide their customers on the best wines and champagne to choose from that special event or any other occasion.

Why you need to invest in wine

Today’s wine market has seen increased fine wine demand due to emerging markets choosing to be involved in wine drinking and investment. Investing in grade wine is a good investment as wine increases in price as its demand rises. This unique dynamic invests in wine a good risk. Investors who have a wine buying need and wish to invest in this lucrative market can always contact UKV PLC.

UKV PLC will always get some of the very best luxury grades wines and champagne and with the company’s extensive network in the industry, investors are guaranteed that this company will not fail them. The company ensures that their customers’ orders arrive on time and in the best condition. Eventually, when one needs a highly sought, rare wine and champagne UKV PLC will get it.

How to contact them

The company’s consultants contact customers who are in need of the firm’s services providing a more open idea of what is available and how the company can be of assistance. Customers who prefer a face to face meeting can visit the firm offices or can request the consultants to meet them at their most preferred meeting point. Customers can also reach the company through their social media pages on Facebook as UKV PLC and on Twitter follow them @UkvPlc.

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Creating Innovative Solutions as a Multifaced Entrepreneur

Investing in many industries develops a financial muscle. Many people shy away from entrepreneurship because it is a tough journey. This creates an opportunity for different solutions offered in line with multi-entrepreneurship. Solutions such as investing in many industries develop an entrepreneur because they are exposed to various challenges. This improves the entrepreneur’s ability to invest. The entrepreneur learns to overcome their challenges and increase their ability to invest. Arthur Becker is a multi-investor in different fields. He invests in technology, real estate, and art.

Arthur Becker has developed a muscle in the three industries. This has enabled him to mature as an entrepreneur. It has enabled him to acquire leadership in the industries. He has managed to overcome the different challenges that he has faced in the industries. The various industries have also enabled him to acquire various awards at the various levels. Arthur Becker has worked diligently by collaborating his skills and creating innovative products in the industries. His ability to comply with the laws of the industry enables him to keep on creating innovative products in his three companies.

Arthur has developed various solutions in the industries, reveals Bloomberg. Zinio, LLC is a technology company that he has established. It has solved many problems in the technological industry. It has developed innovative products for its clients and has become a market leader in the industry. Becker’s art studio has won the heart of art lovers. This is because he paints artistic products that are unique. His ideas are original. He does not copy from any other person. He has managed to build wealth by owning land in the different cities. He uses his artistic skill to develop the design of his houses. This is an edge in the industry. Check out to learn more.

Arthur Becker is an example of a multi-entrepreneur. He has proved that a person can use their skills in different ways to develop themselves economically. Young entrepreneurs should be encouraged to embrace their skills and talents. This will enable them to invest in many industries. They will remain relevant if they embrace innovativeness.

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Betsey DeVos: Honest, Indestructible, Philanthropist

What I find so remarkable about America is its diversity of ideas. The competition among people based on their differing political opinions and social values is decided by the democratic marketplace which is spiced with pragmatism.

Betsy DeVos serves as the 11th U.S. Secretary of Education at the recommendation of President Donald Trump. Th U.S. Congress created the Department of Education under the recommendations of President Jimmy Carter in 1979. Th Department of Education assists the President in executing the President’s education policies for the nation, which implements laws enacted by Congress.

Betsy DeVos attended Calvin College and earned a B.A in business economics, from the private Christian liberal arts college, in 1979. The DeVos’ family has made generous gifts to Calvan College. Check this related article from

Betsy DeVos is devoted to improving the education of children and to offer alternative solutions to enhance the potential of children to reach their highest goals. I have found that goal to be worthy. DeVos’s educational philosophy is an extension of her Christian philosophy.

She has advocated reforms that help underprivileged or underserved children to reach their quest to be educated. I believe that DeVos’s, over thirty years of commitment, has used all possible positive steps to advance her goal of quality education for all children.

DeVos and her family are prominent members of Grand Rapids, located in Western Michigan. For fifteen years, she served as a mentor for at-risk children as they strived to be educated.

Betsy DeVos found that parents were not prepared to face the challenge of a system of education that seemed to flounder even with public tax support. Again, using her talents to organize, she started to work with parents, in twenty-five states and the District of Columbia to fight for alternatives to public education. She espouses schools of choice or charter schools. The devil did not make her do this, but only her honorable belief that she was doing the right thing.

In my estimation, her decisions have led to much unreasonable conflict in her life and the life of her family. The school systems have become a powder keg of political dissent which does not a have a place in the education of children.

DeVos has used her wealth to put her money to good use to not only support her point of view but to advance, education, science, and the arts. Visit to know more about their foundation.

Even though DeVos is a stalwart Republican, her foundation supports the iconic Democratic leader of the Kenedy family, former President John F. Kenedy. The Dick and Betsey DeVos Foundation donated millions of dollars in its critical support of the Kennedy Center Institute for Arts Management, which now bears the DeVos name. Her donations to private schools throughout Western Michigan is a legend.